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Meghan Payne & Jordi Johnson


We're two first generation farmers with heads full of dreams and endurance to see them through.

We believe in a strong work ethic and doing things well.

We offer ecological landscaping, pesticide-free cut flowers, and freelance floral design.

We grow specialty cut flowers on a small-scale urban farm. Our farm's focus is on dahlias and dried cuts; we also offer a variety of uniquely colored, textured, and fragrant elements weekly from June-October.

Our business philosophy revolves around community— in growing for the people surrounding us, we hope to help bring the community together to realize our collective strength. We support the localization of economies and see our business as a service and offering to our community. We believe in cooperation, not competition.

Buying local means you put your community first. We believe that through the collective celebration of our land and its bounty, we build the relationships that maintain stability, foster resiliency, and promote liberty for all.